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Suitable fillings should be used for outdoor pillows and furniture Ropes should be stored in a dry place whilst not in use. To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust is recommended. Most dirt and stains can be cleaned if they are promptly treated. The fabric can be washed at low temperature (<90°F / 30°C) with lukewarm water using a mild soap. Do not dry in electric or gas dryers and avoid to iron the fabric. Excessive heat will shrink the fabric. Do air or line dry.

Stain removal

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Non-greasy marks: Warm water spot clean with half a spoonful of any standard washing powder in a cup of hot water. Blot the stain with a cloth or a sponge dampened with this solution, working inwards from the outside of the stain. Do not rub it. Once the spot is removed, sprinkle the area with clean water to remove possible traces of powder. Do not use stain removers. If using a chlorine-rich cleaner, do not leave it to dry in direct sunlight. Oil or grease spots: Butter, oil, lipstick and the like must be removed with acetone. Once the mark has been removed, apply a solution of washing powder to the fabric and rinse it off with clean water exactly as for stains that are soluble in water (see CARE).
To prevent deposits of dirt, it is recommended to frequently vacuum or lightly brush it to remove and dust. Most dirt and stains can be cleaned if they are promptly treated